Figma plugins we can't live without

Sasha Shevelev
Sasha Shevelev 20 October 2023

We made the switch from Sketch to Figma several years ago and have never looked back. Figma already comes with a huge arsenal of features, but these plugins help super-charge our workflow. Here's a list of our top 10 plugins that we can't live without...

Batch Styler


Batch Styler allows us to change multiple text and colour styles at once! Saving us heaps of time.

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Content Reel


Mocking up designs with indicative content is great for both clients and designers. It allows us to check everything works prior to receiving content. This plugin allows us to quickly and easily populate designs with names, dates, icons etc automatically. No more manual entry of dates on news articles, or making up new creative names for staff listing visuals...

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Aspects allows us to resize images to a specific aspect ratio within Figma. Meaning we can reduce the need for unique image sizes - making content editors life a breeze within the CMS.



Import icons from over 100 icon sets to use within our Figma designs. Such as Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji and many more.

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Beautiful, free photography that we can use to populate our designs. 

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Another great selection of free photography.

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Able makes accessibility easy - we can review colour contrast and preview colour blindness all within Figma.

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Lorem ipsum


Quickly and easily generate paragraphs of 'lorem ipsum' dummy text to populate our designs.

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A few notable mentions

Figma format


We can format our Figma canvases by grouping each artboard by their names. We like to keep our Figma files very tidy.

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Lottie Files


Lottie Files allows us to include animated icons and illustrations within our Figma designs, which can be previewed by clients.

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A plugin for sorting/reordering layers. Again, we like to keep our files tidy and organised.

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We've covered some of the plugins we use to create cutting-edge web designs in Figma. But this only scratches the surface of our design process. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form below to keep in touch, or if you have a project we can help with, let's chat.