Systems Integration

Systems Integration


Systems integration is about creating a seamless bond between two or more programs to make your digital experience efficient, productive and reliable.

Nothing burns time or raises the stress levels than two programs that are meant to work together breaking each other down instead. Lucky for you, the Webcoda team are adept at getting programs to play nice through proper systems integration.

Systems integration is the ability to find the common ground between the two programs you need to use in tandem and enabling them to talk to each other. With our focus on programming and wealth of experience working with applications, we’ll get your system properly integrated and servicing each other in no time.

By ensuring your programs and applications are working together, system integration saves your employees from needless busy work and repetitive tasks. By choosing to take advantage of systems integration, you can cut down on labour while minimising the potential for conflicts between the programs you use on a regular basis. It can provide a way of workers being able to find information in one place instead of digging through multiple systems.

All of which positively impacts your company’s bottom line through increased efficiency, less stress and diverting time to more important tasks.

Creating a well integrated and stable partnership between programs is what Webcoda loves to do. We understand the pain associated with spending time you simply don’t have fixing gaps in the system and not being able to find what you need at the right time. You could say it’s one of our missions in life to ensure not a single hair is torn from a frustrated head when the “GO!” button is pressed and nothing happens.

Here are just some of the systems we have integrated over the years:

  • Mailchimp, Cheetah mail & Exact Target

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Custom CRMs

  • Payment Gateways such as Eway, World

  • Pay, Securepay & PayPal

  • Kentico to SharePoint

  • Websites to Real Estate Hubs

  • Kentico to Mobile Apps

  • & much, much more

Whatever system you need integrated, we can get your applications and programs playing happy families and preserve your time, budget and sanity in the process.

Want to make sure all your programs are speaking the same lingo? Ditch the Jenga tower you call your current systems and let’s talk about systems integration!

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