The new Headless CMS solution - Kontent.ai (formerly Kentico Kontent). Collaborate on all your content in one smart, easy to use platform and when it's ready for prime time, publish it to all your delivery channels.

Why go headless?

A headless CMS is basically a trimmed down CMS that pushes out content via APIs. In other words its the back end of a traditional CMS where the content is created and stored but it doesn't have the front end features (The head in headless) so leaves it to your developer as to the technology used to display the content.

Headless CMS's have become very popular for the following reasons:

  • Developers love that you can use any technology to build the front end of your site

  • Upgrades are done automatically in the background

  • Push out your content to different channels

  • Write your content while the site is being designed

Managing content is a breeze

Managing content can get messy, especially when you have lot's of it and many editors. With Kontent.ai you are able to manage your editors roles and workflows as well as publish and unpublish content seamlessly through the easy to use Kontent.ai interface.

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