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JMC Academy

With new branding and a new CMS, the JMC Academy website not only looks great, it's now smarter and more interactive too!

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What's On Newcastle

A whole world of events awaits you in Newcastle. Whatever the season, the city is buzzing with theatre, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and more.

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Sarina Russo

As one of Australia's largest education, training & employment providers, the Sarina Russo Group provides the support you need to find that job, keep that job, and grow in that job!

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Sydney Zoo

We redeveloped the ticket buying experience at Sydney Zoo. Integrating with the Zoo's ticketing system you can buy different types of tickets from day passes to unlimited annual passes and you can even use your Government Discover voucher.

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Nanosonics is an Australian company leading the way with innovative solutions focused on preventing the transmission of potentially life-altering infections.

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Built on Agility headless CMS using Gatsby, JAMstack and hosted on Vercel. Indi is a vibrant, super fast loading site in the growing Build to Rent industry.

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Catholic Care

An Umbraco site offering care through programs and services in Wollongong. CatholicCare focuses on client needs; offering families, children and individuals opportunities for growth, healing, resilience and hope.

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Parkline Place

Developed for headless content management on Agility CMS the Parkline Place site delivers a premium, elegant solution to match the tower itself. Parkline Place’s responsive design creates a new kind of gateway to the city. One where every curve, angle and detail adapts to amplify tenant culture and core values.

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Nanosonics AuditPro

Integrated with Trophon high level disinfecting devices, we worked with Nanosonics to deliver an end to end scanning and reporting solution with both custom web and mobile app development

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After supporting the Barangaroo website for a while we were tasked with reworking the site structure to make it easier to find information as well as adding cool new layouts and features such as a before and after image widget and a new take on the timeline and infographics.

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New Annual

New Annual is the City of Newcastle’s flagship arts festival. Spanning ten days and featuring more than 50 events presented by local and visiting artists. Newcastle’s New Annual is much like the city itself – not quite what you’d expect.

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Martinus Rail

Martinus are an Australian owned and operated family business, specialising in the delivery of rail infrastructure projects.

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An Umbraco site for Salix, an Australian owned and operated rail business engaged in the design and supply of railway products throughout Australia and multiple international markets.

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AFTT is Australia's most immersive contemporary creative arts academy. This Kentico site immerses you in what the school has to offer. See courses and apply online.

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GEN Aged Care Data

Webcoda's first of many projects for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) built on Kentico and packed with infographics and Tableau data visualisations.

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AIHW - Indigenous HPF

This website brings together information from numerous sources to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date view of the state of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes, health system performance and the broader determinants of health in one area. It is designed to inform policy, planning, program development and research.

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AIHW - Regional Insights for Indigenous Communities (RIFIC)

The Regional Insights for Indigenous Communities (RIFIC) website brings together a range of regional statistics about the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. The aim of the website is to provide access to data at a local level, to help communities set their priorities and participate in joint planning with government and service providers.

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Centennial Parklands

One of the Gardens sites Webcoda developed on the Kentico Xperience DXP platform, stay up to date with news, events and sports ground information at your favourite local park.

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GI Hub

By using AM Charts pulling data from Google sheets we designed and developed a range of charts and data visualisations. The trends and data insights in this InfraTracker show how governments are using infrastructure to drive economic recovery post–COVID-19 and achieve long-term transformative outcomes.

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