We designed and developed Infrastructure NSW's new website, which includes a bespoke project timeline with PDF export, and heaps of flexible CMS content modules.



Flexible design

Infrastructure NSW's website is built using a collection of over 25 unique modules; from timelines and accordions, to image carousels and tiled listings.

Each module can be customised by CMS editors to set the colour, spacing, and entrance animation - all whilst remaining on-brand and looking great!

This, combined with several preset layout options, allow for heaps of flexibility when building out new pages. Once setup, a CMS editor can create thousands of new page layout combinations, without the need for further custom development.



Pipeline of projects

Project timeline

We custom built a robust project timeline which is all configurable from within the Umbraco CMS. Projects can be bulk updated, configured by CMS editors, and features a live-PDF generation tool to export the timeline as a PDF for safe keeping.



Powerful, yet simple, CMS

We expanded on Umbraco CMS' 'uSkinned' site builder to offer a flexible yet simple editing experience. With this approach, it's so simple to update that often no training is required for a new editor to jump in and start creating pages!

Editors can configure the navigation, SEO, page layout, styling, scripts and animations - all from within the CMS. No further development required to configure new pages.

Contact us if you would like a demo of our Umbraco uSkinned offering.



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