When we say the JMC site rocks, we mean it!



JMC has been a valued client of Webcoda, a leading Digital Agency in Sydney, for multiple website iterations and across different content management systems. In our latest revamp, we went above and beyond with extensive UX user testing and cutting-edge design.



UX & Design 

The redesign of the JMC website was one of the most extensive projects in terms of the discovery phase for any Webcoda project. It encompassed surveys, interviews, user testing, competitor analysis, user journeys, and much more.

The final design serves as a visual showcase of everything that JMC offers, with engaging videos and imagery that narrate the JMC story and inspire new students to enroll in the many exceptional courses available.




Under the hood

With captivating subject matter and stunning imagery, it's easy to overlook the powerful content management engine that drives the content, namely Umbraco CMS.

Transitioning from a costly CMS to a free, open-source system not only brings about significant savings but Umbraco always surpasses expectations, offering JMC everything they need in a web platform that remains top-notch in its class.



The result

With the integration of Salesforce marketing cloud, the JMC Site now offers a dynamic and enhanced marketing experience. The impact has been extraordinary, inviting further exploration of the site to witness the magic that unfolds when creativity and technology intertwine.



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