A great initiative from NSW Health to help fight HIV and hepatitis C


The dried blood spot (DBS) test is a free, easy and private way for the public to test for HIV and hepatitis C.

Just take a few drops of blood from your finger, mail the test back and get your results by phone, text or email.

We knew the importance of such a tool, and took it upon ourselves (in collaboration with the client) to create the most efficient and hassle-free user experience possible.



Webcoda designed a clean and simple, easy to use interface so site visitors can easily fill in their details and get home testing kit sent out them.

The NSW Dried Blood Spot Test site was developed on Kentico CMS to make it easy for NSW Health staff to keep content updated and fresh.

Let's face it, no one wants to have this type of website open on their browser for long. So we ensured the user experience was as seamless as possible.


When forms are designed well users don't mind filling them out.

Our multi-step registration process captured a lot of data, but was well labelled and categorised to make it as quick and easy as possible for a user to complete.

Given the sensitive nature of the website, we ensured submitted user data is completely secure.

Kentico is an extremely secure platform and we insured that data is kept even more safe and private with SSL and data encryption

The DBS website also contains useful info and FAQs on what is often a very private, sensitive topic. There is even a button to quickly hide the page in case someone happens to walk past at the wrong time.


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