UTS College is a pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney, one of Australia's leading universities. UTS College focuses on fostering an environment of learning success through courses to prime future uni students for the next phase of their education.

UTS College

The UTS College site is a flagship component of recruiting new students. As a recruitment tool, the website needed to cater to both domestic and international students. This required both personalisation and multi-lingual capabilities to be implemented.

UTS College


As educational web development specialists, Webcoda were charged with creating a student friendly website that highlighted the benefits of choosing UTS College as a pathway to higher education. Offering informative, easy-to-access, content across a huge array of pages.

The design is on-brand, clean, and configured to function as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Course detail

While UTS College stands alone as a pathway program, it is very much a part of the UTS brand. As such, creating an appearance that was instantly recognisable was a part of the development process.

The main UTS brand had received a recent refresh. The elements of this clean, cool and recognisable style were applied to the UTS College design whilst retaining a clean and simple user-interface. Once the design was tested and approved it was shipped to a user friendly and powerful Kentico CMS, ensuring the CMS editor experience was as simple as possible. We like to make out CMS editor experiences a breeze to use. 

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