In commemoration of the 21st Birthday of the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, BridgeClimb wanted to create a new site that would serve as a gateway to this iconic and unique experience.



Over 60% of users visiting BridgeClimb do so on a mobile device so we took a mobile-first approach and designed all the screens for mobile before doing desktop designs. The results show that users now have a vastly smoother and streamlined process across all devices, particularly during the booking process which we work-shopped and refined through many iterations. 





One of the challenges of developing the BridgeClimb website was the new booking system had to integrate with not only their internal booking system but also with a huge list of payment gateway systems including Braintree, PayPal, Wechat, AliPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and After Pay and Zip Pay (to name a few!). Increasing the available payment options allowed for a more seamless checkout experience - we have continued to expand these gateways as new avenues for increasing revenue are explored.

To maximise results we A/B Tested different versions of the booking process by showing different variations of the booking pages to different users and measuring the results. We continue to look for the absolute best results with ongoing testing and reviews. 


The BridgeClimb website is a great looking, powerful e-commerce engine that serves as a welcoming first step in the BridgeClimb experience. The website offers an unparalleled user-experience across every device - without compromise. 

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