Jaw dropping imagery on a fun, interactive site will make you want to click "Book Now!


Webcoda originally developed the Sundowners Overland website in 2006 using our in house proprietary CMS. Ten years later, an upgrade was long overdue and this time we went the other way leveraging Umbraco, an open source CMS.

Sundowners Overland


Umbraco CMS was a perfect fit for Sundowners Overland as we needed a strong base for managing content but at the same time much of the functionality is custom built. Being open source it's free - Why pay for features you will never need?


The new design allowed to us to create an experience for mobile users that would make not only researching but also booking trips online a breeze.

Other cool features of the site are the integrations with Dynamics CRM as well as the Sundowners Booking System. The site also uses Braintree to handle online payments.


A website will struggle to be great without great imagery and that goes doubly for a travel site. We curated images and created a design that highlights the amazing destinations that Sundowners travel to.

Information on trips is taken in real time from Sundowners backend booking system. This includes prices and availability. If you like the look of a trip you can even favourite it for later.


The interactive itinerary is linked to the advanced maps. Clicking on a day in the itinerary expands the map for that part of the trip and vice versa.

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