A bespoke Sharepoint intranet for one of Australia's fastest growing global asset management companies.



Extended functionality 

After conducting UX discovery workshops to ascertain what functionality would most benefit the client. We extended SharePoint's offering to cater for the specific needs of MA Financial Group. 

The result is an intranet that solves some of the businesses most challenging issues, and offers are more seamless and collaborative work-place.



Employee directory

Employee directory

Our employee directory within SharePoint offers the ability to quickly filter through all employees from one location. Key details are surfaced for each employee - each contact can be messaged or interacted with a single click.

Employee directory-2


Accessible from every device

Although the majority of intranets cater for desktop only, this solution had a strong emphasis on improving the user experience for all users - regardless of what device they access the intranet on. So whether an employee is on-site at a remote location, in the office, or on the train, they get the same seamless experience.



Knowledge hub

Knowledge hub

Our secure knowledge hub offerings are perfect to organise your company’s information. Whether that be documents, policies, content or brand assets - they are all easily accessible from one location on your intranet. 

We configured a knowledge hub to cater for the specific needs of MA Financial Group, offering robust filter, search and sort options for users to quickly find the information they need.

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