A place for Sony camera enthusiasts to share experiences and skills via events and articles led by photography experts.


The Sony Scene website is a platform aimed at bringing the photography community together around Sony Cameras. The site has been designed to show off incredible photography created using Sony cameras and to host events for Sony Camera enthusiasts. Additionally, the site hosts photography competitions and the ability to redeem discounts on cameras.



Sony Scene “Hosts” can log in and create events and judge photography competitions. The Webcoda team spent a lot of time designing and refining the mobile UI so that Hosts can do all of their work directly from their phone such as the ability to flick through photo competition entries and shortlist photos.




It began with the inspiration from the amazing photos Webcoda were provided. The photos speak for themselves; they clearly demonstrate what is possible with Sony cameras. Webcoda has aimed to find a balance between visual and informational qualities of the website.

Sony Hosts are able to create a whole event with prices and ticket limits; events are offered and sold to the public, judge photography competitions and privately message users who sign up to events.


Site visitors are able to view full details of each event and purchase tickets. The website even allows the Hosts to check in users at the events. Events range from simple photography tips to trips to Japan to photograph the snow monkeys.


The Sony Scene website has been a huge hit with Sony camera enthusiasts with dozens of events taking place across Australia and New Zealand and we are exploring new ways to make the site even better through cool new features. Stay tuned!!


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